2013 Winners – Best Individual Component in a Sick Visit Protocol

We have a tie in this category. Both of these clients have created unique components that are tailored to specific visits reasons that help their practices manage each patient visit consistently.

Cary Pediatrics, Cary NC – Birth Control Consult-CARY
In addition to the nicely tailored visit specific components like ‘History/Review’ and the ‘Plan’, this protocol also incorporates the confidential component which is used for tracking sensitive information that should never display be default or print as part of a visit note.

From the client: This protocol is designed with prompts for appropriate history screening and laboratory evaluation for young women contemplating starting birth control. The extensive use of prompts in the “Plan” component expedite charting. This protocol helps the providers stay consistent with information given to patients regarding management of OCP’s.

Union Pediatrics, Union KY – Asthma-UNION
This protocol includes a couple of great question components called ‘Asthma History’ and ‘Asthma History-Provider’ that helps this practice with the long term management of patient asthma care. They also use a component called ‘Asthma Action Plan’ that prints as part of the visit history note.

From the client: Our PHO has championed an asthma initiative that has greatly reduced ER utilization and hospital admissions.  The initiative has been recognized by the American Board of Pediatrics for part 4 Maintenance of Certification.  This protocol integrates all of the questions that we need to ask the families on an annual basis, then allows us to further document what kind of teaching we are doing in the office.