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2013 Winners – Best Specific Sick Visit Protocol

We have a tie in this category. Both practices have designed comprehensive protocols for very different visits types that are terrific resources for the new or established PCC EHR client.

Center For Pediatrics And Adolescent Medicine, Dover DE

ADHD Initial-CPAMFrom the client: This protocol incorporates diagnostic criteria according to DSM V as part of the HPI.  Co-morbidity screening as outlined by the AAP is built in as a morbidity screen.  If the provider feels that additional screening for anxiety, depression or substance abuse is needed, they can add the CHART or SCARED protocol which will add the questionnaire as part of the visit to allow the screen to be done and scored immediately. This practice now exceeds guidelines, improved ADHD management, has identified many patient with co-morbidities that are now receiving treatment, improved compliance with treatment, meds, and follow up!

Asthma Initial Assessment – CPAMFrom the client: This protocol is used for initial evaluation in all patients over the age of 12.  The protocol incorporates all of the diagnostic criteria set forth by the Heart and Lung Associations. The ACT score has been built into the protocol to reduce the paper forms that we give to patients.  The diagnostic criteria, treatment guidelines and the follow up guidelines are all built into the protocol.


Children’s Healthcare, Allentown PA

From the client: This series of protocols are designed to address all issues that impact nursing, from mother’s history to birth history to key components of both mother’s and baby’s exams. With the use of these protocols, our practice is able to offer complete lactation services for both our infants and their mothers.