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2013 Winners – Best Individual Well Protocol

We have a tie in this category. Both of these protocols share their components across subsequent well protocols, take advantage of smart answer memory (last saved answer and answer by patient), and both make great use of chart-wide components. Either of these protocols would be a good place to start when building a series of well visit protocols.

Cary Pediatrics, Cary NC

From the client: By using the Medical Summary – Family history component, we can capture family history at the first visit, which will then prepopulate future visits. This protocol also helps collect hospital-generated data that is important for NCQA or CHIPRA-related data (like newborn screen data).


Cypress Pediatrics, New Orleans LA

From the client: I designed this protocol to streamline the newborn intake protocol. An initial newborn visit requires coordinating histories of the mother, pregnancy, delivery, family history, and newborn’s life since the delivery. With all of this information gathering, I wanted to create a flow of information that would minimize screen flipping so that the visit could be more about establishing a relationship with the new parents than about the technology.