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2013 Winner – Most Creative Sick Visit Protocol

Newport Pediatrics, Newport VT
This practice had 3 different sick protocols that fit nicely into this category.

 Diabetes-NEWPDFrom the client: This protocol contains components called ‘diabetes treatment regime’, ‘specialist’ and ‘history’  which are designed to help manage the special needs of a patient with diabetes.

Crohn’ s Disease-NEWPDFrom the client: This protocol is very comprehensive and is designed to specifically address issues around Crohn’s disease. There is a tickler to remind the clinical to ask about specialty visits needed for the patient with Crohn’s disease.

PreOp-NEWPDFrom the client: We are able to submit standard pre-op information without filling out paper forms. Especially helpful for repeat surgical procedures, time used filling out forms is significantly reduced because information is brought forward. Additionally, the form is legible.