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2013 Protocol Contest Runners Up

Best Series of Well Visits – Runners Up

Village Pediatrics, Westport CT – 2-5DayWell-VP 1WeekWell-VP 2WeekWell-VP  1MoWell-VP 2MoWell-VP  4MoWell-VP 6MoWell-VP 9MoWell-VP  12MoWell-VP 15MoWell-VP  18MoWell-VP  21MoWell-VP  2YrWell-VP  2.5YrWell-VP 3YrWell-VP 4YrWell-VP  5YrWell-VP  6-9YrWell-VP 10-11YrWell-VP 12-15YrWell-VP 16YrWell-VP 17YrWell-VP 18+YrWell-VP

The Pediatric Group, Oklahoma City OK – 2MoWell-TPG  4MoWell-TPG  6MoWell-TPG 9MoWell-TPG  12MoWell-TPG  15MoWell-TPG   18MoWell-TPG  2YrWell-TPG  2.5YrWell-TPG 3YrWell-TPG  4YrWell-TPG  5-6YrWell-TPG  7-8YrWell-TPG  9-10YrWell-TPG  11-14YrWell-TPG  15-21YrWell-TPG

Best Individual Well Visit Protocol – Runner Up

Newport Pediatrics, Newport VT – 14YrWell-NEWPD
From the client: This protocol addresses challenges around the life as an adolescent in this time. It helps identify children at risk for self destructive/addictive behavior. It also discusses dietary issues associated with obesity and other eating disorders.

Best Use of New PCC EHR Features in a Well Protocol – Runner Up

Cypress Pediatrics, New Orleans LA – NPI-CYPRESS
This protocol is used in conjunction with all new visits (well or sick) to collect pertinent birth and PSFH history that populates the Medical Summary and carries over to subsequent protocols.

Most Creative Well Visit – Runner Up

The Pediatric Group, Oklahoma City OK – SportsPhysical-TPG
From the client: We have tailored our questions to conform with the Oklahoma State School Association forms so that it may be used for all patients.

Best Individual Well Visit Component – Runner Up

Pediatric Associates of Fall River, Fall River MA – 18MoWell-PAFR
This protocol contains a check box component called Family History that is an extensive list of medical conditions. It is used across all their protocols and “last saved answer” is displayed in subsequent protocols.

Best Generic Sick Protocol – Runner Up

Cypress Pediatrics, New Orleans LA – Sick-CYPRESS

Best Specific Sick Visit Protocol – Runner Up

St. Louis Pediatrics Practitioners, St. Louis MO – ADHD-SLPP

Best Use of New PCC EHR Features in a Sick Protocol – Runner Up

Pirate Pediatrics, Greenville NC – Sick-PIRATE

Most Creative Sick Visit Protocol – Runner Up

TLC of Frisco, Frisco TX – OralHealthRiskAssessment-TLC (supplemental protocol)

Best Individual Component in a Sick Visit Protocol – Runner Up

Children’s Healthcare, Allentown PA – GynecologicalEval-CCP