Current PCC Default Protocols

These are the protocols PCC loads by default for all new clients. They can be used as is or modified to suit your individual and/or practice needs. The number of protocols available by default has been drastically reduced to provide you with a solid base set. However, there are many other protocols available on this website for you to peruse. If you would like others made available to you, just let us know!

Well Visit Protocols

3-5 Day

2 Wk

1 Mo

2 Mo

4 Mo

6 Mo

9 Mo

12 Mo

15 Mo

18 Mo

2 Yr

2.5 Yr

3 Yr

4 Yr

5-6 Yr

7-8 Yr

9-10 Yr

11-14 Yr

15-21 Yr

Sick Visit Protocol


Other Visit Protocols