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Dare2Care Pediatrics Protocols

Dare2Care Pediatrics has agreed for us to share their protocols with other practices. They have built a number of detailed diagnosis specific protocols.

D2C Abdominal Pain

D2C Acne

D2C Allergies

D2C Anemia

D2C Asthma

D2C Bronchiolitis

D2C Cerumen Impaction

D2C Chest Pain

D2C Conjunctivitis

D2C Croup

D2C Dermatitis

D2C Ear Pain

D2C Gastroenteritis

D2C Headache

D2C Infant Rash

D2C Injury

D2C Menstrual Issues

D2C Neuro

D2C Otitis Media

D2C Pharyngitis

D2C Psychiatric

D2C Respiratory



D2C Viral Illness

Down Syndrome Add-On Protocols

A recent discussion on PCC Community was focused on Down Syndrome health supervision and using PCC EHR protocols to help with that work. Dr. Bowman from Cary Pediatrics and Dr. Kaplan from TLC Pediatrics of Frisco offered to share their protocols they have created.

Down Syndrome Add-On Cary Pediatrics

Down Syndrome Add-On 1mo-1yr TLC

Down Syndrome Add-On 1yr-5yr TLC

Down Syndrome Add-On 5yr-13yr TLC

Down Syndrome Add-On 13yr-21yr TLC