2013 Winners – Best Individual Well Protocol

We have a tie in this category. Both of these protocols share their components across subsequent well protocols, take advantage of smart answer memory (last saved answer and answer by patient), and both make great use of chart-wide components. Either of these protocols would be a good place to start when building a series of well visit protocols.

Cary Pediatrics, Cary NC

From the client: By using the Medical Summary – Family history component, we can capture family history at the first visit, which will then prepopulate future visits. This protocol also helps collect hospital-generated data that is important for NCQA or CHIPRA-related data (like newborn screen data).


Cypress Pediatrics, New Orleans LA

From the client: I designed this protocol to streamline the newborn intake protocol. An initial newborn visit requires coordinating histories of the mother, pregnancy, delivery, family history, and newborn’s life since the delivery. With all of this information gathering, I wanted to create a flow of information that would minimize screen flipping so that the visit could be more about establishing a relationship with the new parents than about the technology.


2013 Winner – Best Individual Well Visit Component

This protocol has a unique text box component called “Pre-visit Planning” at the top of each well and sick visit protocol. This provides the practice with a place to capture pertinent information for any upcoming visit. Enabling the last saved answer functionality, this component displays the information in subsequent well and sick visit protocols.

Newport Pediatrics, Newport VT

From the client: Newport Pediatrics has age specific well child care visit protocols for every well child care visit from birth to the age of 21. Each protocol is comprehensive and in addition to evaluating the physical status, they have been specifically designed to include evaluation of development and nutrition and provide anticipatory guidance.

15 Mo Well-NEWPD

2013 Winner – Most Creative Well Visit

Dr. Douglas R. Coombs, Bountiful UT

This is an add-on protocol that helps this office build in efficiency when needing to complete a variety of “approved for activity” forms.

From the client: It is used in combination with the age-appropriate well check such as 11-14 years or 15-17 years. It helps the providers meet the needs of well care and the anticipatory guidance and recommendations required for specific sports and Boy Scouts of America. It combines requirements such as clearing for specific activities and anticipatory guidance such as pre-activity impact studies and concussion awareness.

Sports/Scouts Physical – DCMD

2013 Winner – Best Use of New PCC EHR Features in a Well Protocol

This protocol uses many of the latest PCC EHR features, including every style of component available for creating protocols.

BCA Medical Associates, Roswell NM

From the client: Our well visit protocols are created in a way to help our clinical staff remember to take care of every procedure, lab or immunization the patient may need. It is setup in the order of questions asked or procedures done. Our visits incorporate all Immunizations and Procedures that need to be done so as they are not forgotten and are “stacked” in the order a visit is charted.